Water & Fire Damage Restoration

Water and Fire Damage Restoration in Fishersville

When storms get intense, water becomes powerful and destructive literally a force of nature. Whether its a flash flood, hurricane, tornado, or blizzard, when water hits your property all at once, its a serious matter. No one can be prepared for every eventuality, but when something goes wrong, you'll have our help. 


Water damage in your property can create some big issues. When it does happen, rely on the best contractors to handle water damage removal. Arcam Construction is ready to answer the call 24/7, no matter how severe. After decades of experience handling water damage, we act swiftly and effectively. Because water damage appears in many different ways, you should hire a restoration service thats ready for anything like:

  • Water Damage
  • Smoke Damage
  • Basement Flooding
  • Appliance Leaks and Broken Pipes

Why Fix Water Damage? 

If water damage is neglected, it can foster mold growth. A variety of scenarios can create water damage in your home, including: washing machine and dishwasher overflow, leaking water supply lines to the refrigerator or ice maker, sewage backup, or roof leaks. 

Water damage shows up in different ways, but the best fix is always the same. We attack water damage from its source, clean out the region, then repair the wall or floor the water damaged. The Arcam Construction professionals know water damage in addition to carpentry and plumbing. We also offer assistance with the claims process. 

How We Repair and Restore Your Fire-Damaged Home 

After a fire, homes and businesses usually have several kinds of damage not just from the flames and smoke, but also from the water used to stop them from spreading. Our certified experts know how to turn back the clock on your damaged property and get it looking and feeling like the safe haven it once was. While each fire scenario is different and requires a custom battle plan, some steps in our restoration process remain more or less consistent. 

1. Assess the Degree of Damage: An Arcam Construction professional will examine the scene, paying attention to every detail. Its vital that all the damage be discovered before a plan is made, as restoration work has to happen in a certain order. For example, flooring that appears fine to the naked eye might be warped due to water damage, or fire may have weakened underlying support beams. Covering up problems such as these would lower property values and lead to mounting expenses in the future, and costs may not be recouped by insurance. Our thorough inspection will make sure the restoration work is thorough. 
2. Isolate Unsafe Areas: Water and fire damage can weaken foundations and structures. We will strengthen or block off unsafe areas and make sure any exposed parts of your property are protected from further damage from the elements. 
3. Fire Damage Restoration: Once the cleaning is finished, its time to start the damage reversal process. Our certified professionals are skilled in a wide range of repairs and reconstruction, including drywall replacement, painting, carpet or floorboard removal and installation, and even major carpentry and remodeling projects. 

We'll help you put your life back together: (540) 943-1701 

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